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Metronomnomnom- Psilodump

Hooray, the new year is tolerably new! Pianist and weatherman John Pohlman retires to play spiffy piano jazz and unremittingly listen to Psilodump during his long-awaited vacation, tuned in with his venerable portable travel radio. After 30 years, Pacman finally finds a qualified metronome to aid him in his training towards eating pac-dot-nom’s in unmitigated on-target sync with even the most adequate techno rave beats around. His iron determination is undisputed! As for Psilodump, the new year only heralds supplementary adventures beyond challenge!


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Psilodump – The Droidwhatever EP

Written & Produced by Simon Rahm @ Studio 476. 2004-2010.
Track 3 song & lyrics by Katten Sture, scratching and various percussion
by Matophonia. Artwork by Julian van Aalderen / The C-Men.
Mastered by Paul McCosh at Bodhi Mastering.
x-duMP3 / The X-Dump © 2010

via Psilodump – The Droidwhatever [x-duMP3 / XD-NETS-011].



The C-men Writes:

Videoremix of Raquel Meyers’ clip for psilodump’s “the droidduck”, with a remix of the original track by psilodump. This also launches the new “the droidwhatever EP” available here

This remix is part of an upcoming DVD by raquel meyers featuring her clips and remixes by paris & outpt and n0carrier amongst others. Which all of you have to buy because of the sad little children in the world…those in say, iceland…


Psilodump – The Somnambulist (zabutom’s gameboy edit)