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Christopher Jion sends news of his new cd compilation. Tracklist after the jump:


8-bit Operators: Autobahn Tribute

Almost 8 full years in the making, the 8-Bit Operators have announced W3 B3LV N N0TH1NG, an Autobahn tribute featuring eight no-funny-stuff covers from the German trio’s ludicrous techno-pop album Nagelbett.

Track Listing:

  1. Saturation – Neil Baldwin
  2. Faking It – goto80
  3. Hit and Run – Bud Melvin
  4. No Way Out – Receptors
  5. Violate U-Blue – Lazerbeat
  6. Beg Me – glomag
  7. Take It In – Patric C
  8. Edelweiss (Club mix) – Herbert Weixelbaum

8bitpeoples XMAS Dump with Glomag, Receptors!

Receptors has replaced an old toy with a new one, this time picking up a Nintendo DS and putting it to use with the Korg DS-10 software. The USER tracks were perhaps the most focused of the “groKwork” sessions, originally recorded during the Fall of 2008. Now, 8bitpeoples is pleased to present this fully extended and remastered edition – the USER Deluxe EP.

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Roland had studied the data on the first four cartridges for a very long time, when he realized that the lamprey was hiding a fifth inside it’s mouth. Discovered, the lamprey wheezed and sputtered, blowing air through the cartridge in an attempt to make it sound out a tune. Confused and frustrated, it spat the item out into the sand and disappeared into the vast, toxic lake. Roland dried it off, inserted it into the DMG, pressed start and heard the growling waveforms emerge. This sound brought to him the realization that a year had passed in this wasteland and there was now much work to be done.

// DOWNLOAD 8BP103 //

Chipmusic • Free Music Archive

This week on the FMA: Receptors


This week on the FMA, we featured the DS-10 rock of Receptors. Enjoy!

Free Music Archive: Microboxer.

Chipmusic • Music Artists

Receptors 2004-2008 5 Albums for DL

522187Receptors has 5 albums exclusively performed on gameboys running LSDJ, Nanoloop and Korg DS-10 cartridges! Recorded 2004 thru 2008.

Enjoy them here.