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Razor 1911 – Votedisk

The almost 20 year old tradition of a big German demoparty during the Easter-weekend continues, after Mekka Symposium and Breakpoint it is Revisions turn to gather almost 1000 alcoholized nerds from all over Europe to perform strange ceremonies. As usual, Razor 1911 was present and also competed in the 64kb intro category with an intro called “We accidently borrowed your votedisk” that coded by Rez with music by Dubmood. This time made by an old softsynth for 64kintros created by german demogroup farbrausch. Pretty impressing if you consider that it is all stuffed into 64kb we must say! Check it out on here.

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Dubmood + Rez = Razor 1911

Razor 1911 was recently the first to do a real crack and not just a workaround for Ubisofts new DRM copyprotection and celebrated it with a crackintro that even auto started each time the game loaded, just like in the old days. The cracktro was designed and coded by a new Razor member that people thats been around the chipcomunity since the 90s probably know: Rez (ex eclipse, bomb & tpolm). Rez also runs and was one of few who did a enormous job to archive and keep chiptunes and related software alive during the chipmusic darkages aka the 90s. Thanks to his and a few other dedicated peoples work(HVSC, ST Pleasuredome, Amiga music preservation, modarchive etc), a lot of knowledge stuck around to help the new kids compose their tewns when the 00s 8bit hype struck.

And now he joined Razor 1911. His first intro feature a new chiptune by Dubmood. Made in FT2 and will suerly make everyone who likes dubmoods other crackintro musics very happy!

The Cracktro :