Dubmood + Rez = Razor 1911

Razor 1911 was recently the first to do a real crack and not just a workaround for Ubisofts new DRM copyprotection and celebrated it with a crackintro that even auto started each time the game loaded, just like in the old days. The cracktro was designed and coded by a new Razor member that people thats been around the chipcomunity since the 90s probably know: Rez (ex eclipse, bomb & tpolm). Rez also runs and was one of few who did a enormous job to archive and keep chiptunes and related software alive during the chipmusic darkages aka the 90s. Thanks to his and a few other dedicated peoples work(HVSC, ST Pleasuredome, Amiga music preservation, modarchive etc), a lot of knowledge stuck around to help the new kids compose their tewns when the 00s 8bit hype struck.

And now he joined Razor 1911. His first intro feature a new chiptune by Dubmood. Made in FT2 and will suerly make everyone who likes dubmoods other crackintro musics very happy!

The Cracktro :

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