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SNDH Atari ST YM2149 collection v3.1 released

103 new or fixed SNDH files (156 tunes).
It’s Outline again!

So once again a couple of months before the party
my D-Bug activities take a back seat and music
ripping comes to the fore!

Again it’s a real mixed bag with all the tunes
from the recent 20 year old STE demo and the
show stopping tunes from last years Checkpoint

We still like to throw a spanner in the works
so I’ve started ripping ancient tunes from
Automation menus 1-30, I’m sure you’ll look
forward to these!

There’s also a rare Mad Max tune featuring
one of his early digi-drum tunes. Speaking
of Mad Max expect some very rare unreleased
stuff soon as well!

Thanks must go to those musicians who keep us
up to date with their work, so big thanks to
Cerror, 505 and Ultrasyd!

Check out their Forum

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SNDH archive v3.0 released

The SNDH archive is the biggest archive dedicated to Atari ST (YM2149) music. A few days ago the archive was updated to v3.0:

To celebrate the biggest Atari party of the year (Outline in case you wonder), we have released a new update of the SNDH archive.

v3.0 of the SNDH archive brings 35 new or updated SNDH files. It’s a mix of brand new (even from the Outline compo!) and really old game tunes.


Recommended players are Jam for Windows users and XSC for OSX users.