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SNDH Atari ST YM2149 collection v3.1 released

103 new or fixed SNDH files (156 tunes).
It’s Outline again!

So once again a couple of months before the party
my D-Bug activities take a back seat and music
ripping comes to the fore!

Again it’s a real mixed bag with all the tunes
from the recent 20 year old STE demo and the
show stopping tunes from last years Checkpoint

We still like to throw a spanner in the works
so I’ve started ripping ancient tunes from
Automation menus 1-30, I’m sure you’ll look
forward to these!

There’s also a rare Mad Max tune featuring
one of his early digi-drum tunes. Speaking
of Mad Max expect some very rare unreleased
stuff soon as well!

Thanks must go to those musicians who keep us
up to date with their work, so big thanks to
Cerror, 505 and Ultrasyd!

Check out their Forum

via SNDH Atari ST YM2149 collection.

Update list after the Jump:

Grazey-PHF / Evil-DHS

Title Composer
Despair 4-Mat
Visual Unity 505
Cubes 505
Humming 505
Cernit Trandafir 505
Direct Colour Zoomer 505
Megademo Intro 505
Sommarhack Invite 2010 505
Suretrip 2 – Stars 505
Suretrip 2 – Part 1 505
Suretrip 2 – Part 2 505
Suretrip 2 – End Part 505
Suretrip 2 – Digi 505
Chubby Gristle Ben Daglish
Datass Cerror
A Beginning Cerror
Vermouth Cerror
Loader Tune Cerror
Blaxx Christian Wirsig
Shure Of One Thing D-Force
Time Ticking By D-Force
Return of the Jedi Dave Kelly
Happy Dancefloor Dma-Sc
Hail To Sunny Days Dma-Sc
Spring Party Dma-Sc
Rolling Thunder Donald Campbell
Cheap (in terms of CPU) Excellence In Art
Brit Excellence In Art
Hit the Road Jack / tutoria Excellence In Art
The Last Song Excellence In Art
They pull me back in Excellence In Art
Trans-Y Videolife Excellence In Art
Save The Earth Excellence In Art
1812 Overture (Tchaikovsky) Excellence In Art
Handy-man (The Knife) 1.01 Excellence In Art
$14 Excellence In Art
Save The Earth Intro Excellence In Art
Victory Road Fred Gray
Pepsi – Mad Mix Game Gominolas
Wings of Death #6 gwEm
Stardust Memories gwEm
ze japanim gwEm
Real Friends gwEm
Different World (dub mix) gwEm
Gabba Bobble gwEm
Lazy Jones remix gwEm
RetroModern gwEm
4gEtful gwEm
Fantasy gwEm
Football Manager Kevin Toms
Ninja Mad Max
Airball Remix Mad Max
Bach The Future Mad Max
Street Gang Mad Max
Despair Malodix
Sailor Toys Marcer
Thalion Intro Marcer
Axel F Marcer
Blues Marcer
Gamet Marcer
Kid Marcer
Pandora Marcer
Paradize Marcer
Popcorn Marcer
Stax Marcer
Treasure Marcer
YM Out Marcer
Aqua Polka Nemo
Spy vs Spy Nick Scarim
Soldier 2000 Nigel Pritchard
Daley Thompson’s Olympic Ch Peter Johnsson
Russer Peter Jorgensen
Out For You Peter Jorgensen
Boesseti Peter Jorgensen
Klatmix Peter Jorgensen
Ivanhoe Pierre-Eric Loriaux
Ratu Proteque
Barbarian Richard Joseph
Jobil Sh3
Certfied Dope – Attitude Pr Shamen
Certfied Dope – Filled 3D Shamen
Certfied Dope – In Space Shamen
Certfied Dope – Intro Shamen
Certfied Dope – Menu Shamen
Certfied Dope – Shape it Up Shamen
Certfied Dope – Sources Shamen
Backlash Simon Berry
Bubble Bobble Tim Follin
Gauntlet III Tim Follin
Ghouls N Ghosts Tim Follin
Wake up kid! Tomchi
Kid is VIP Tomchi
The Day YM Killed Fakebit Ultrasyd
Brain Damaging Arps Ultrasyd
Lonesome Robot Ultrasyd
Merging Present And Past Ultrasyd
Trailblazer Unknown Composer
Veteran Unknown Composer
Mousetrap Unknown Composer
Indiana Jones and the Templ Unknown Composer
Cybernoid Unknown Composer
Dragon Lord Unknown Composer

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