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V.A./Memories Of The Future/Select Start Records

Finally out on SSR!- “Memories Of The Future”, a retrofuturistic compilation focusing on synthastic visions from the forgotten past. this is the sountrack for exploring lazerchip, spacetune, electrodisco, and many other unknown genres to mankind -enjoy!

Mr. Nissness · Nightfall / Emissary
Poke-1,170 · Destination Yesterday
Goto80 · Disco Dengu
Les Aventures Sous La Mer · Determined Porpoise
Failotron · Return To Chiba City
Steve · Jacking In Space
Boomlinde · Inner Workings
Twilight Electric · Ganymede
Yerzmyey · electrobot
Tom Woxom · GTG
Alexei Bespalko · Snowflakes
8GB · 216 Digits Of Pi
Tommy Walker III · Flight Mode
The Robot Scientists · Landing on Mars
Jellica · Diiisscos Deux
Rico Zerone · Spheredivers (Extended)

Artwork by: Nazzilla >
Compiled/curated by: Rico Zerone

Download link: … uture.html


Various Artists/ UK Chip Compilation/ Digital Force

The UK Chip Compilation showcases an astonishing 32 tracks by 32 artists who are themselves British or residents the United Kingdom.

Its aim was to present what the UK has to offer to the chiptune community and expand itself into having a more solid scene by bringing people together and showing awareness to UK residents that we have a large chiptune scene in our country which we could fairly quickly build on to have established annual gigs and events.


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Chipmusic • Labels

Steve - Adventures in Sound


Packed with uplifting harmonies and topped with shimmering melodies (what on Kittenrock???) Steve effortlessly slings together three tracks of super fresh arcade electro funk and a shimmery disco remix by Rico Zerone

via kittenrock.