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Tom Woxom – Robot

Tom Woxom – Robot

Ro- Or Nanobot, Who Cares ?
For Robots
Guru Meditation
Herz Aus Gold
Electric People
Robot Or Nanobot ? | remix by Low Bit Revolte
For Robots Friendly Floater Mix | remixed by Rico Zerone


A propos de la sortie

Robot, a new album by Tom Woxom

Robot is the 2nd album from the German artist Tom Woxom, and marks the 15th release from Da! Heard It Records. This album is more personal and more polished : the Amiga 500 specialist has added a pinch of Gameboy Classic and some Commodore 64. Dedicated robot rights activist, Tom Woxom devotes this album and most of its tracks to them. He fights for a more equal world, and freedom of the robots.

It’s an 8-bit electro work, which some will sometimes venture to call “technoid”, the perfect word to conceptualize his artistic approach. As in his first album, Tom used sounds generated directly by his Amiga, the C64 or the DMG-01 and modified them in several ways. Best Amigavocals through a Vocoder.

Just taking one track, Ro or Nanobot, who cares? is a perfect example of Tom using his Amiga 500 for vocals. Amiga sonorities arranged in throbbing rythms set this track apart by its clarity and beauty.

A bit of help by Low Bit Revolte during post-prodution rendered the end product more sleek and sparkly. Robot is an personal, almost intimate album but Tom Woxom nonetheless he is honored by Low Bit Revolte and Rico Zerone remixing two of his tracks.

Undeniably, Robot has opened a new page in Tom’s book of music. One definitely recognizes the mark of the artist, refined, affirmed and enriched by his artistic research.

via Tom Woxom – Robot | Da ! Heard It Records.

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Dj Arkadiy Ukupnik In Da House Micromix

Kickass mixtape from Russia with love and proper mixing :D Including tracks by cTrix, Crazy Q, 4mat, Tom Woxom, Eat Rabbit, Mr. Spastic, Covox, 8GB and a load of others, it’s a serious dancefloor killer!

Dj Arkadiy Ukupnik In Da House Micromix by Arkadiy

Tracklist after the jump:

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V.A./Memories Of The Future/Select Start Records

Finally out on SSR!- “Memories Of The Future”, a retrofuturistic compilation focusing on synthastic visions from the forgotten past. this is the sountrack for exploring lazerchip, spacetune, electrodisco, and many other unknown genres to mankind -enjoy!

Mr. Nissness · Nightfall / Emissary
Poke-1,170 · Destination Yesterday
Goto80 · Disco Dengu
Les Aventures Sous La Mer · Determined Porpoise
Failotron · Return To Chiba City
Steve · Jacking In Space
Boomlinde · Inner Workings
Twilight Electric · Ganymede
Yerzmyey · electrobot
Tom Woxom · GTG
Alexei Bespalko · Snowflakes
8GB · 216 Digits Of Pi
Tommy Walker III · Flight Mode
The Robot Scientists · Landing on Mars
Jellica · Diiisscos Deux
Rico Zerone · Spheredivers (Extended)

Artwork by: Nazzilla >
Compiled/curated by: Rico Zerone

Download link: … uture.html

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German Tiefbit Showcase

(This is the) first release of the German Tiefbit Showcase, a Compilation of tracks by german chiptune-/lowbit musicians!

It’s on the german label Weisskalt/Blauwarm

Here’s the direct download link for the release

Hope you all enjoy the comp, there will be more volumes:3

If you want to get in on it, contact the german tiefbit connection

Tracklist after the jump:

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