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ui – FDS

All these tracks were made in Famitracker using classic 2a03 + DPCM + FDS channels. Check the bandcamp release

Thx to jsr and baron knoxburry.

Chipmusic • Releases

UI – trikitraki

According to UI himself, trikitraki is “unreleased tracks from 2008 to 2010” made with “basically tiny synth-waves and VST instruments, such as ymVST, magical8bit, medusa, casio vl-tone and tons of samples”.

What I actually think trikitraki is, is an excellent collection of tunes, of varied styles, all executed real well, combining cool elements and meticulous beat construction, catering for both the chiptune aficionado and general electronic music listeners alike, all gold-lined by UI’s great attitude regarding his music activity, an example we should see more on the chipmusic scene of today: he’s been holding on to his music for a damn long time until he has got a product of a high enough quality that he considers to be releasable, instead of squirting his first jizz done in Famitracker one week into starting to use the software.

Did I mention he’s also an awesome pixel artist? But for this cover, he let Tristendo do the illustration. The guy knows how to collaborate.

Makes me happy to see such talent coming out of South America, my home land.


Labels • Music Artists

Claps and Leads by Mr. Spastic

8bp096One of my favorites in the whole “MIDIFY Chip sounds but make the kind of music I want to anyways”  zone of the chip music scene, Mr. Spastic is extremely underrated and hopefully this is the release to get him on the map.  Having had one of the best Blip ’09 sets, he is sure to be killing it at this weekend’s  Dutycyle II show.  With its killer pixel art from UI, this may be hands down one of my favorite e-ep’s so far of 09.

This is non-optional download. GRAB IT NOW.

“Claps and Leads” marks Mr. Spastic’s triumphant return to the 8bitpeoples catalogue; five deft exercises in virtuoso programming, balancing intricate technical skill with a warmly organic sound, all delivered in his signature bold-yet-delicate tech-soul style. Jazz, deep funk, disco, R&B, and full-on techno inflections collide and merge into an astonishing stylistic cocktail, all topped off with a shimmering pro-grade production sensibility. Dazzling artwork by Ui completes the package, sealing the deal on a certain future classic.

via 8bitpeoples.

TCTD 2008 Awards • Visual Artists

Best Visual Artist

Personally speaking, this may one of the toughest categories for me to judge. My personal interests and biases kept me away from properly appreciating the difficulties and talents of these artists for far too long. As my involvement in the Chip community grew so did my respect and admiration for these visual artists, so with great honor I present the 2008 nominees for TCTD Best Visual Artist.

minusbaby – The multimedia power house behind the visual style of the 8bitpeoples netlabel and the cohesive yet visually stimulating Blip Festival 2008 media onslaught could rest easily on his sheer consistency of voice and vision, but he also brings his unique world view to the retro pixel style, and has a playful yet serious visual style.

Kef and Niina – This Turku power house duo also maintains a deep level of knowledge in the style and techniques of pixel art, but maintains their own unique vision. The video for ‘Got Brains’ was one of the more delightful and engaging videos of the year, chip or otherwise, and led to TCTD commissioning them to design the awards for this years crop of winners.

UI– The South American madman has toiled ceaselessly with tons of art and graphics for the criminally under looked BOTB collective. At times both deep and crass, his unique designs and characters suit well the anarchic anything goes style of the BOTB compos, yet always look like his own arresting visual style.

Steig– A pixel artist that is an artist first, Steig seems equally appropriate choice when doing fliers, the Blip Festival Teaser, or his own artwork. Rising above typical pixel pushers, his works contain a strong personal voice and stimulating visual appeal.

Sander a long time demo scene insider, Sander has all the traits of strong voice, style and execution, along with the ability to speak about his genre and have a strong curational approach to speaking on behalf of his peers.