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UI – trikitraki

According to UI himself, trikitraki is “unreleased tracks from 2008 to 2010” made with “basically tiny synth-waves and VST instruments, such as ymVST, magical8bit, medusa, casio vl-tone and tons of samples”.

What I actually think trikitraki is, is an excellent collection of tunes, of varied styles, all executed real well, combining cool elements and meticulous beat construction, catering for both the chiptune aficionado and general electronic music listeners alike, all gold-lined by UI’s great attitude regarding his music activity, an example we should see more on the chipmusic scene of today: he’s been holding on to his music for a damn long time until he has got a product of a high enough quality that he considers to be releasable, instead of squirting his first jizz done in Famitracker one week into starting to use the software.

Did I mention he’s also an awesome pixel artist? But for this cover, he let Tristendo do the illustration. The guy knows how to collaborate.

Makes me happy to see such talent coming out of South America, my home land.


3 comments to UI – trikitraki

  • I listened to this funny named collection “Trikitraki” many many times and have just a hard time to tell, if this is just genious or pure silly. Basically I like the sound/idea of just mashing up vst with chipmusic productuon style. Results in cool and lil bit unusual sounds. The tracks itself hmmm… oscillate between sonic mastership and arranged boredom. Would love to hear UI the extra mile. Anyway… thumbs up. Do yourself a favour and listen to this music.

  • *walk* the extra mile. Please insert or not.