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Pocket VBLANK version 2 : ANSI MIDIo

The requests: Cheaper, DIY Kit Version Available, Upgradable, User Programmable

ANSI MIDIo: yes, yes, yessss & yes!

Oh, and not just programmable as in load-your-own-pic, instead the MIDIo will have real-time control and programming  right from your midi software, controller, or (in my case) a Bliptronome!

What it is:

Kit or pre-built a bit smaller than a business card, and powered & controlled via USB, using the open-source KIT_MIDI driver already available here.

The input is midi from any midi software such as Renoise, Max-MSP or Abelton on OSX or Windows or an external controller patched through KIT_MIDI.

The Output will be NTSC or PAL (separate versions) and give a sweet 32×12 screen where the user can program one of 12 different ANSI Graphics characters in one of 16 different color combination. Yes, 16-color  ANSI:  as in that BBS you wasted time on in 1992.

Stand-by for more information.

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