• Clawfinger: Any new fresh mirror links?
  • Sef: I purchased a genMDM from little-scale on 12/1/2012. I STIL
  • Chris: Oh yeah, a layout optimization for smaller devices would be
  • Jeremy Wilson: I have an akai music sampler with floppy drive only. Will t
  • Irek: Hi, Does anybody of you know if it really works on a Game
  • Peter Swimm: You would be better off asking party time on her website: ht
  • Peter Swimm: hugs

Ubiktune: [UBI035] C-jeff — Preschtale

I found my true north in the land of shining stars,

I’m moving on my way from morning Earth to evening Mars.

I’m rising through the silence of Mother Universe,

And faith in God that helps me keep my inner force.

Software used:

Open ModPlug Tracker, Plogue Chipsounds, Native Instruments FM8, DSK ThoR, Vember Audio Surge, Apple Logic Pro, tons of various chip samples

via Ubiktune: [UBI035] C-jeff — Preschtale.

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