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Akira Reports from the Main 2008 Demo Party

In the war room

In the War Room

Akira posted his impressions on 8BC of the Main 2008 Demo Party:

YO yo yo!
Reporting live from the partyplace on the second day big_smile
Yesterday night the internet was hard to come by, so we spent our night partying (like if that hurts… tongue)

The night started early with Lithis closely followed by Psilodump, representing the swedish collective X-Dump. Those who know the work of these dudes know they can expect some heavy dancefloor smashers, with these guys’ particular style. It rocked (the soundsystem in the Espace Julien is amazing)

After that I went to check out Dr. Von Pnok. Hailing from Rennes, this GB-powered drum and death dude has heavy shit going on. I can’t get tired of his tunes. Fucking amazing bass coupled with wicked syncopated beats. Just check out his profile and get some music if you never did (why?). But I am sorry to say the Doctor is to be experienced live (videos of yesterday soon) since most of his music is nowhere to be downloaded smile

A quick refreshment session in the backstage with the swedish crazies, and then we went onto the main stage to get a load of Meneo. As always, the guys rocked the house, and managed to fit all the present audience into the stage at the end of the set (which also included some jamming with friends! What else ya want?). I have to make a special note on Entter’s visuals. This show I spent most of my time looking at the screen, and now that Raul has a wireless connection to his software (he’s controlling it with a portable device), he has more freedom to go crazy on the visuals, stage and audience. I managed to see visuals for lots of new songs (current favorite being “I KNOW BASIC”) and it was fucking kickass.

So now the main space finished its programme, so we reared onto the café space, which is only smaller in size, because the soundsystem is out of this planet. I played a couple of new tunes before Je Deviens DJ en 3 Jours stormed the stage as always. His mix of nanoloop-powered, currently fashionable french electro/techno, is something that will get your ass shaking no matter how tired, shy or lame you are. The show is coupled by a very energetic performance by him, so it has all the elements of a powerful set. One of my current favourites.

After him, Confipop took the stage with his techno mix and circuitbent toys. This guy knows how to rock a dancefloor. Massive dance anthems and amazing LSDJ skills for the local man. We just couldn’t keep dancing with Psilo and Lithis, while trying to take over all the computers spread around the partyplace (lots of Amstrads and Atari STs, a few Amigas, couple of C64s, one MSX, and more), infecting them with the GOVERNATOR VIRUS, which has only been defeated in one machine by, exactly, who else? A swedish hacker xD

After this we decided to ponce around looking for the last drinks of the night. When we realized the party was over for the day, and it was 5 AM big_smile

So that’s all for yesterday’s report, today we have my set and the Micromusic All Stars, which will be a massive jam of hours between all the chipmusic artists present at the partyplace.

Suffice to say, if you are in France or close proximity, if you are not here, you are missing out big time!

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