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Announcing the 2008 TCTD Awards

Handcarfted using only the finest child labor.

Handcrafted using only the finest child labor.

As 2008 comes to a close, the staff at TCTD takes time to take stock and acknowledge the best and brightest achievers in the International Chip Community. TCTD is pleased to announce that we are accepting nominations for the following Categories.

Please email all one paragraph or less nominations to:

Best Chip Track

The definition itself is debatable, as well as what platform, how its engineered and what style it is composed in, but in retrospect the choice itself should be of no doubt. This track must simultaneously have withstood the test of remaining relevant in recent memory and being an excellent example of technical prowess and creativity. Only once it has passed these hurdles, must the track truly be considered for track of the year.

Release of The Year

As above, the work must be excellent in both individual song cohesiveness, but also in overall consistency, packaging and presentation. One track alone is difficult, but to compile a truly great release an artist must succeed on multiple levels, and stand above a flood of output, by peers of various experience levels. After considering all the above, only then can an release truly be considered one of the best of the year.

Best Chip Software

Despite the hyperbole, most of the top tier artists who work on various chip platforms would be nothing without software tools developed and perfected by various code wizards. Whether it be a sequencer, a utility or a player, these innovative applications are the lifeblood and inspiration for most, if not all of the works created in the chip scene worldwide.

Best Chip Hardware

Hardware may be the toughest nut to crack of the chiptune equation. Many platforms require modern innovation in order to be useful as sound and video production tools, and today’s chip scientists work tirelessly and often without compensation creating devices and utilities that enable the modern chip artist to produce their works. Whether it be development tools such as flashcarts, obsolete storage replacements, devices that allow you to interface with modern equipment like midi interfaces, or modifications that improve the quality of true chip output, these are another crucial element of our scene.

Best Chip Performer

It is a problem not limited to chip, that of giving a engaging and exciting performance. Perhaps more so than other genres of art, chip faces many difficulties in presenting itself to the world at large. These performers rise above their peers in being exciting and vital live spectacles, and also serve as the best and brightest ambassadors to the world outside of our community. These nominees are instrumental in bringing new and interested eyes and ears into the scene, and as such may be as important as any for the future of our scene.

Best Live Visuals

Long considered an afterthought, Live visuals have come a long way from the days of ripping sprites and color cycling jpegs. Often performed on classic console and computer hardware, these visuals provided a extra kinetic vitality to live chip concerts and help reinforce the total chip immersive experience. During many of the impressive events of the last year, VJ’s and other live visualists have become the unsung heroes, often working twice as long and for less recognition than their audio counterparts. Through their dedication and respect for their equivalent limitations they have created an exciting performance package that has lead to increased recognition of all of us worldwide

Best Label

One of the most exciting developments of the last decade is the profound power of the International community in developing and promoting emerging talents in our scene. Chip Labels, at their best, show excellent taste in selecting new artists, have preeminent design and presentation of the works, and excel at promoting their releases. Some also make the leap into physical releases, with elaborate packaging and features to appeal to the true chip aficionado. The Best Label has shown incredible consistency and intelligence in selecting and presenting some of the most innovative and enjoyable releases of the past year.

Best Demo Production

The greater demoscene has long since moved to the newest platforms, but a dedicated underground cadre of demogroups still toil away producing excellent by any standards demos for the various classic consoles and computers. Displaying a expert eye in graphics, excellence in sound design and composition, and technical savvy in exploiting every bit these old machines have left in them, these demos are the perfect storm in the battle to create new and vital media on classic and retro hardware.

Best Visual Artist

One of the most overlooked of talents, good artistic ability transcends any tool or utility, and must be developed by one with a unique set of skills. Combing both technical know-how and a keen eye, the best artist is able to convey their unique artistic vision through the lens of limitations inherent in various hardware platforms, and transcend cliches and obvious traps that come to mind when composing the best in pixel art and various aspects of true chip visuals.

2008 Defender of the Chip

Even the best artists often lack the necessary tools in order to properly promote their works. In a global community where there is room for all types, the role that has the least glamor and acclaim is perhaps the one with the greatest need. These groups and individuals curate netlabels, photograph and record shows, and spread news and information using little but their time and their ingenuity.  For little money and less recognition, these defenders are the grease that drives the wheels of the community and without whom we would all be sorely worse off.

The True Chip Lifetime Achievement Award.

This artist has not only provided some of the most memorable and shining examples of works within the chip genre, but has also shown a lasting dedication and outstanding over excellence over the course of many years. While it may seem premature to some to hand out Lifetime Achievement awards in a genre so young, these individuals efforts have proved without question that they are indeed worthy of recognition and deserve to be acknowledged for their long standing efforts in our community.

Artist of the Year

Finally here was are, the indivudal or groups who have shown that they have been the best artist of 2008. This group or individual has shown that amongst the above examples of excellence, they themself  has no true peer. Showing consistancy in quality across their various releases, tracks, or performances, the best is without question not only im comparison to others in their community, but in comparison to any musican or artist in any genre worldwide.

The nomination Period will conclude Dec 22nd.

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