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While We Were Gone Mega Dump

Ed: If There is anything we missed, let us know!



New Ak47 Mix Tape

Blip Fest DVDs now on Sale

Alex Mauer- Low Gear

Leaves by mattisson


Goto80 on Zerocycle Music

What kind of music do you make when the coder has used almost all the computing power, the designer had his/her go, and there is not even enough CPU-power left to play sounds? You make zero cycle music!”

Port LittlePiggytracker to PSP Fundraiser


4bit Synths
4bitsynth is a MIDI-controlled digital synthesizer that uses the Atmel AVR ATMega48. Inspired by the NES, the sound is 4-bit. The digital output is put through an R-2R resistor ladder to get the analog waveform.

Preorder Ultrasatan for your AtariST


Dutycycle with A_Rival magfest footage


Relaunched his blog with a menifesto to only release on music disks.. COOL!

More Chiptheft

Unicorn Kid on NME and the inevitable Flamewar

Role Model Interview Translated and Translated again

Withering and Hilarious Dissection of Sonic Soundtrack

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