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LSDj Sav HTML Converter Appeared

Wtsnacks wrote:

I made it in Ruby, as that’s my scripting language of choice as of recent. I’m really only a web developer, so it was the best language for me to do it in, and I’d never used Rails, so I decided that making it a web application with Ruby on Rails would be the best for displaying all the information neatly.

Sorry about the boring front page. I’m too lazy to make it fancy right now, I’m just glad I got it up and running and wanted to get it out there so people could use it/give some feedback/ideas. for some examples (All by McFiredrill, and taken from Hope he doesn’t mind ;o)

Some things of note:
– It currently only works on the song in memory, no matter if any others are in the .sav file. I don’t quite understand the compression scheme for saved songs, but maybe later it can let you select the song to view.
– It only has the kit/sample names for the default LSDj kits, so if you’ve use any custom kits, it’ll display them with the names of the defaults.
– The swing percentage isn’t displayed on the grooves, because I can’t figure out the math behind it… It’s not really important anyway, but if anyone else knows or wants to figure it out, please, be my guest.
– It only displays things if they aren’t the default, so grooves of 6/6 and default instruments etc won’t be displayed… However, that being said, if an instrument is marked as existing in the sav file, it’ll display it no matter what.
– I recommended purging your unused instruments and stuff so as to only display things that are actually used in the song.
Edit: Knew I’d forget something.
– No support (yet?) for the speech sampling. Does anyone really use this enough to warrant adding it?

I am sure I am forgetting something to say, as it is 3am and I am tired. OH WELL.

Please let me know if you have any problems (it’ll just say something about a 500 error, probably) and I’ll try to look into it. As I mentioned, this is my first outing into using RoR, and I also have a limited testing pool of LSDj .savs.
It’s possible certain conditions in your save could glitch out and break it, if it’s given data it’s not expecting. I ran into such problems a couple times when writing it, where empty things weren’t actually empty in the hex and such.

Now that I am done slaving over a hot hex editor and emulator, give it a shot. Hope you guys get some good use out of it.

5 comments to LSDj Sav HTML Converter Appeared

  • Akira

    What an amazing looking hard work of coding!

    However with a huge caveat: this tool is supposedly for helping restore songs maybe for those who don’t have a flasher. If they don’t have a flasher, there’s no fucking way in hell they can make a SAV either.

    So I really see no usability in this but it looks beautiful. How about making this into Processing and making beautiful graphic representations of our songs based on LSDJ SAV data? :)

  • b-knox

    Woah, yeah, this is a great visual dump. Wish I could make .SAV’s though! =D/

  • Lazerbeat

    Absolutely brilliant idea, I really appreciate the effort.

  • jim

    bookmarked for a future date :D
    it’s a shame about the groove feature mind, i hope someone can figure it out for you, i use custom grooves on every instrument!