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You Can Help the Breakpoint Demoparty!

Our fave demoparty is in danger

Our fave demoparty is in danger

Sad news, folks.

The recession not only hits our pockets and prices, it also struck the demoscene.

The sponsors for the Breakpoint party, among which we used to find Intel, are not supporting the event this year due to the crisis.

Breakpoint is one of the best events the demoscene has and it would be a shame to see it canceled this year, and the SCENE AWARDS are held there every year. As such, Scene,org has set forth to collect donations for Breakpoint.

It would be great if you can donate anything, it all helps. Breakpoint must happen!

The official blurb snippet, from

“As many of you might know, the Awards have taken place at the Breakpoint demo party in Bingen am Rhein every easter since our first event in 2003. Due to the global financial crisis, Breakpoint has lost vital sponsors, and the party is in deep financial trouble.
We are inviting all demosceners to contribute to our sponsorship by making a dedicated donation on this page. Rest assured, your donation will go directly to the Breakpoint organizing team.”

More info:


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