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Badman Bandstand is now Sleizsa

The Channel F sequencer from bOOdAw has undergone a name change and some new features have been added. Here is some of the early tracks made with the tool:

Baron KnoxBurry Demo

Changlog after the jump!

Sleizsa v0.3 (Plant)

– Addition:    Added max amount of tuned notes on the scale for both NTSC
(G3 to A#6) and PAL (A3 to C7).
– Addition:    Added the ability for the user to better control the “noise
– Improvement:    Included more accurate, unofficial version of MESS v0.129.1
by e5frog.  Should improve sound, large ROM support, visuals
(when implemented), and be compatible with older versions
of Windows.
– Improvement:    PAL note table is more accurate. (Thanks e5frog.)
– Improvement:  NTSC note table is more accurate.
– Change:    Removed unnecessary warm up routine and replaced it with a
clear screen routine via BIOS call.
– Optimization: Cleaned up unnecessary portions of code and made documentation
hopefully more understable.
– Fix:        Troubleshot and fixed some issues regarding the batch files
to enable the directory to be dropped and executed anywhere;
the way it should function.


v0.21 (Sproutinging):

– Addition:    Preliminary noise instrument support.
– Change:    Added some examples to examples directory by b-knox and Warlord.
– Change:    Changed names of some commands.
– Change:    Removed “” and incorporated it back into main.asm
and  Use for signature.
– Optimization:    Optimized some old code to shorten cycles and conserve resgisters.
– Optimization:    Removed some unnecessary MESS files.
– Fix:        Fixed some documentation errors.
– Fix:        Fixed binary size calculation.  (Back down to 2Kb per binary.)

Sleizsa – Channel F Sequencer
Version: 0.2 (Sprouting)
Date: 01/27/2009
Coder: B00daW

v0.2 (Sprouting):

– Addition:    Preliminary PAL support.  (Notes may be detuned.)
– Addition:    “Delay” command to make note sequences faster or slower.
– Addition:    “DecOctv” command to be able to approximately decrease an octave.
– Addition:    Added ability to warm up CPU before playing.
– Fix:        Calibrated NTSC tunings and duration.
– Aesthetic:    Incorporated changelog.txt into bottom of readme.txt.
– Aesthetic:    Incorporated todo.txt into bottom of readme.txt.
– Optimization:    Removed unnecessary code.  (Thanks e5frog.)

1 comment to Badman Bandstand is now Sleizsa

  • dollface

    That’s my daddy hehehe!! Anyways lot of hard, long, lonely i mean tedious hours went into the creation of the Channel F and i hope all of you enjoy it. I am def eager to see what awesome music people create with it!!!