HardSID – 10 year anniversary SALE!

The legendary sound, on crazy sale

The legendary sound, on crazy sale

Love that SID sound? Of course, who doesn’t? (just ask Timbalame)

Hate meddling around with a Commodore 64? Lugging it, a screen, diskdrive and more?

Want a little box that incorporates in your modern day DAW or sequencer and delivers true SID sound, as well as compatibility with C64 emulators for the perfect experence?

You need a HardSID 4U, and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original HardSID device, you can get ONE HUNDRED EUROS OFF the retail price! Yes, you read that right! A HUNDRED!

The unit connects through USB and can host up to 4 SID chips. Our resident nutter Peter Swimm has one and loves it, and has demo’ed to me and I can vow for the coolness of it.

You can check the details on the order page.

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