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BOOdAw’s Nes News round Up: Famitracker! Dev Carts!

A Couple of updates via

Changes in v0.3.0

MMC5 expansion sound added
Updated pattern editor (selection in multiple channels, drag’n’drop, control+drag = copy, shift+drag = mix)
Ctrl+wheel = transpose selected notes
Shift+wheel = increase/decrease instrument, volume and effect values
Scroll lock = toggle follow mode
Control+D = Duplicate frame
It’s possible to edit directly in the frame editor by double clicking it
Added a repeat key
Added second highlight
Added a second highlight option
Customizable keys for note cut, repeat and clear field
Fixed a bug with the tremolo effect
Fixed the volume restore bug on note offs in VRC6 channels

And also news of a new Powerpak alternative

is a PowerPak alternative.  Albeit quite goofy and a very original
design of its own pretty much makes the NES an extension of your
personal computer.  The UNES would liken more to SIO2PC and APE (of
Atari 8-bit) than current flash carts — even though that is not the
most accurate example.

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