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TCTD Podcast #001 – Happy Chiptune .MODs

TCTD launches its new podcast!

Every other Friday a new episode will be released, with a different theme each time. We will dive into some of your favorite artists – and artists you’ve never heard of. We will explore the different styles of chipmusic, it’s various platforms, labels, groups and try to cover all aspects of this wonderful scene. There will be mostly music, but expect some interviews and talking as well.

The podcast is in first hand run by me, Random, but you can look forward to hearing special guests appear in future episodes, with valuable help, insight and discussion.

To celebrate that summer is here, this first episode is dedicated to – in all simpleness – Happy Chiptune Protracker .MODs. Enjoy.

Click and listen online!


Or download mp3: TCTD Podcast #001


1. Chavez – Mattia’s Adventures.mod
2. Cerror – Outline.mod
3. Joule – Jessica & Ellen.mod
4. Radix – Happy Hours.mod
5. Goto8o – Midi vs. Imperial.mod
6. Curt Cool – Bittersweet.mod
7. Maktone – Eargasm.mod
8. Nuke – Chip.mod
9. Kiwi – A Big Bad Party Robot.mod
10. Mel o’dee – Benny Wildstyle.mod
11. Archon – Sextynt.mod

All songs in this week’s episode can be found in original .MOD format at either or They were converted to .WAV for this podcast using XMplay with Surround Mode 1, panning set to 10 and No Interpolation.

26 comments to TCTD Podcast #001 – Happy Chiptune .MODs

  • Excellent work, Random! Even excellenter would be if there was a playlist and even more excellentester than that would be if there were download links to the original modules on AMP/TMA/etc :D

  • The playlist is embedded in the mp3 ID tags, if you check “lyrics”. However, good point on linking to original files… I’ll put up a zip!

  • Decided not to put up a .zip, but to link to mod archives instead :) Also, post updated with playlist and a small technical note on MOD -> WAV conversion used!

  • Nice work, nice tracks. Privet from Russia!)

  • Right on, Random; this is great!

  • Claudio

    really great. but i have a little trouble with finding the “Nuke – Chip” tune. anyway u can send it or link it to me?


  • Hey Claudio, thanks!

    Weird about the Nuke tune, I was sure I got it from modland originally, but now I can’t seem to find it there either… I just have it in my “Nuke” folder on my hard drive :) It’s probably an unnamed tune, since there’s no information in the track title or sample names. Anyway, I uploaded it for you here:

  • Fantastic! Many thanks to Random and TCTD. Every other Friday right?

  • Hey, it’s really cool to see a common subject being treated different playlists! The BitJam Podcast, on its 62nd release, has made a “Happy Chip” playlist, which you can check, for comparisons, here:

    THANKS Random!

  • Akira: Yeah :) This was limited to .MOD files only also. If I’d chosen to do any platform, the playlist probably would have looked quite different. The bitfellas podcast is really good btw! I only download individual episodes every now and then, but it’s great :)

    Note: Yes, every other friday… But the first four episodes will come EVERY friday.

  • Don

    YES! Thank you!

  • seablue

    nice job, random! looking forward to hearing more episodes… i hope you do one focusing on mid-late 90s pc chiptune, like those found on the emissions disks! :) more people need to hear those.

  • Thanks, Seablue! That’s a good idea for a theme – they’re all excellent disks, featuring some awesome musicians (among my favorites is Vim, Jazz, Metal, Vegard, Emax, Jogeir Liljedahl etc)! Perhaps later this summer!

  • This is great work. Thanks Random & TCTD! I’ve subscribed in my itunes. What was the track at the very start over which you did the intro?

  • Cool initiative Random! i’ll wait for the AHX episode :)

  • Glad people are enjoying this :)

    Mr Tomczak: It’s an untitled, unreleased 10 ch .XM tune I’ve made.

    neuroflip: Cheers. One “AHX favorites” episode is planned, for sure :)

  • Random: Thanks for your reply. I don’t suppose there is any way that you might send me this over email? I’ve had it stuck in my head…

  • Mr Tomczak: Sure, sent!

  • Received, thanks so much. It’s so tasty!

  • Akira

    I really want that AHX episode!! Can never get enough of Pink :)

  • Really enjoy this, I shal spead joyful arps. Dont tell us the theme next time. we have to guess it!

  • Fuck yeah!

    This is a pretty awesome playlist!

    Probably my favourite happy .mod of all time is time_flies by Maktone, the guy is such a god :)

  • Thanks Joseph! Time Flies aka Class 11 is great, but I don’t think it’s happy. It’s quite sad actually :)

  • Well, I think the intro is quite happy, I think you are right though, the vast majority of the song after that has some sad moments. Still excellent to see Maktone get a mention all the same :) Please do a sad chiptune .mod playlist in the future!

  • Claudio

    Thanks Random :)

  • Codiac "Chipz"

    You made my day, dude. Haven’t heard chips like this since the 90’s. Awesome;)