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TCTD Podcast #003 – Reed & Tempest

Reed and Tempest are two of the funkiest chipmusicians around. This week’s episode is dedicated to their music. Finnish, funky Amiga and C64 music at its very best!

Click and listen online!


Download mp3: TCTD Podcast 003


Reed – Jazzberry Juice.mod
Tempest – Mr. Solid.mod
Reed – Urethra Franklin.mod
Reed & Tempest – Hot Buttered.mod
Reed – Boogie Factor Pt.2.sid
Tempest – Acidjazzed Evening.mod
Reed – Saymold, Saymold.sid
Reed – Urea Geller.mod
Tempest – Free Fjortis Facials.mod
Tempest – Zen-bowling.mod

All songs can be found in original .MOD or .SID format at either Modland (.MOD and .SID), AMP or HVSC (SID).

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