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Modbox Multiformat Tracker for the iPhone appeared.

ModBox is a free universal Tracker Format Player for the iPhone that plays Amiga and PC module music (e.g. Protracker, Fasttracker, Screamtracker). It features a song database with direct-download from various authors, an integrated FTP Server and support for all common module formats (e.g. Protracker, Fastracker, Screamtracker, etc.).


  • * Direct internet access to the finest selection of modules from the Modland library with a preselection of over 5.000 freely available songs, over 200 hours of music playtime and access to three decades of computer music. You can easily browse and download your favourite songs from the internet via WiFi, UTMS or EDGE. Using ModBox all your tracked computer music is right away available in your pocket (Modland access requires an active internet connection, internet access fees are not covered by this player). Downloaded songs get stored in the local library for further offline usage or manual management.
  • * Built-in iPhone/iPod Touch FTP Server so you can manage your own songs or backup your library over WiFi using standard ftp. Additionally you can use your iPhone/iPod Touch as a WiFi FTP USB Stick or provide anonymous access to your module library for friends.
  • * Support for 669 (Composer 669, Unis 669), AMF (DSMI Advanced Module Format), AMF (ASYLUM Music Format V1.0), APUN (APlayer), DSM (DSIK internal format), FAR (Farandole Composer), GDM (General DigiMusic), IT (Impulse Tracker), IMF (Imago Orpheus), MOD (15 and 31 instruments), MED (OctaMED), MTM (MultiTracker Module editor), OKT (Amiga Oktalyzer), S3M (Scream Tracker 3), STM (Scream Tracker), STX (Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit), ULT (UltraTracker), UNI (MikMod) and XM (FastTracker 2) modules.

via Free Universal Tracker Player For The iPhone » Synthtopia. (THX laD)

3 comments to Modbox Multiformat Tracker for the iPhone appeared.

  • Damn! Fucking nice! Any comments on the playback routine?

  • Sometime today the app went from free to 99cents … guess the lesson here is to nab free stuff while you can!

    The version I just downloaded only allows you to browse by author. Which wouldn’t be so bad if Rainer had included Mortimer Twang in the artist selection =) Anyway, a direct ftp browser or exotica style search would be a welcome improvement here.

    Would also be nice if you could delete tracks right from the player, rather then hunting through your library again.

    But overall, pretty cool. And the instrument names/song comment display is a nice touch.

    @random Play engine is fine, it’s libmikmod.

  • Starpause: Ok, that’s alright (but not optimal). Thanks!

    Keep your eyes open for the Mortimer Twang episode of the TCTD Podcast ;)