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LittleFm Appeared

littlefm-v0_1Reading between the lines this is a Tool for BleepBloop Carts that allows you to save copies of your songs in the ROM, so you can load your songs if your sav gets corrupted.. and more!

For those of you who are still wondering, LittleFM is an alternative file manager for LSDj, which key feature is that it can backup songs to the flash memory of bleepblop cartridges for expanded and more solid storage.

I’m going on a vacation for two weeks on Thursday, which is why I want to finish a stable enough beta before that, for my own use. But I’m also inviting a number of beta tester to test an early, pre-release beta of the file manager.



New Jose Carts: Options options options!

The next batch of cartridges will run custom colors and logos. Get your album on a cartridge that anyone can play in a gameboy! Send us your save and we will duplicate it onto a number of cartridges.

No minimum.

Setup charge is $35. Cartridges prices are as follows:

  • 0-10 = $20 + setup
  • 10-20 = $19 + setup
  • 20-50 = 17 + setup
  • 50-100 = 15 + setup

So for $35 + $20 = $55 you can get your own custom cartridge.

Now here is the fun part.

The cartridges will be built without a battery. Yes, your cartridge will last for 10+ years. An average battery lasts 3-5. So. would you like to have a USB version with this same memory?

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