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LSDJ Updates

A number of updates in LSDJ since the last update.

2009-07-16: v3.9.b

* bugfix: weirdness when going between song/phrase/chain
screen while a block is marked. thx rabato
* bugfix: was possible to get pointers to out of bounds
words, chains and phrases. thx chris riley
* bugfix: renamed chain screen column title “PAT” => “PHR”

2009-07-16: v3.9.c

* enable copy/paste commands between phrases and tables.
* bugfix: when pressing b+up in phrase screen, to an empty
chain slot, out of bounds phrase FF would be reached.
(thx chris riley)
* bugfix: was possible to place out of bounds chains in
song screen (thx chris riley)
* tweak: pasting in phrase screen with select+a, and
releasing select before a, now won’t insert a new note
(thx nitro2k01)
* bugfix: sometimes entering a note in phrase screen
would not enter an instrument number. (thx chris riley)
* bugfix: fonts sometimes got garbled when switching fonts
on classic Game Boy. (thx chris riley)
* bugfix: prelistening sometimes wouldn’t work when
entering notes on an empty slot. (thx chris riley)

2009-07-25: v3.9.d

* tempo calculation was rewritten to get more precise. new error margin
should be about 0.005%.
* correct tempo for super gameboy. (thx michael dufault)
* a+up/down for noise table transpose now changes by $10 instead of $c.
* a+up/down for noise chain transpose now changes by $c instead of $10.

2009-07-26: v3.9.e

* fix tempo and pitch for super gameboy 2. (thx michael dufault)
* make noise table transposes relative to the instrument shape, instead
of relative to the current shape (as is with S command). (thx nitro2k01)
* split up “free unused data” to “clean song data” + “clean instr data”
on popular demand.


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