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Nintendo Synthesizer Cartridge

More info over at heavyw8bit

7 comments to Nintendo Synthesizer Cartridge

  • Neil Baldwin

    Ace! :)

    I’m going to have something just like it in NTRQ. Eventually :S

  • Thanks everyone for checking it out. Its still a work in progress and I appreciate the feedback.

    Ro-Bear – good point on the chromatic adjustment and the raised 7th. Will def put that ability in there. Right now its just a major scale and you can adjust the root note chromatically to play in any major key.

  • Xyno

    This is very cool !!! and Neil….if you are doing something like this on NTRQ, two thumbs up !

    • Neil Baldwin

      I plan to but whether it will be as clever I’m not sure.

      Mine will be more like a chromatic jamming function (and turning the controller into a drum pad) type of affair.


  • i like the usage of the 4score and turbo – very cool

  • Ro-Bear

    Holy shit! Am I mistaken but does it automatically figure out diatonic intervals? However, this video worries me because I did not see any use of chromaticism if somebody wanted to do harmonic minor (at the very least). Besides that, this looks to killer to be true!