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Breakpoint 2010 announced as

Time to plan and hurry up if you want to attend the Breakpoint demoparty: The 2010 edition will be the last one. Ever. They’re serious.

Heralded as THE biggest 100% demoscene (no fucking gaming allowed) party, Breakpoint is expecting to leave the gauntlet to a new team that might want to follow, in the same way they took over the gap left by Mekka & Symposium.

The reasons? “We’re getting old”, they said, but they do reflect on the current state of the demoscene, a sad lack of interest from young blood regarding demoscene matters. It’s a shame.

I promised I will post more demoscene material in 2010 so it is sad  for me to be making this the very first demoscene-related post of 2010 for TCTD. I hope better news come as the year progresses.

You can continue reading on Breakpoint’s official website.

3 comments to Breakpoint 2010 announced as the last one ever

  • boomlinde

    There’s going to be a big X2010 too, I bet. No LCP this summer! I think that I’ll pass X, but I’m heading to Datastorm this Friday.

  • ant1

    I’ll probably be there if I can afford it, wouldn’t want to miss the last one ever. Hope someone picks up the baton and starts something new for 2011, too. :-)

  • The baton will be probably picked up I guess.
    I am really sad I’ll miss X, though (and Datastorm too :( )

    In brief: it sucks to be in South America :P