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NoisES Demo

Have a listen and maybe you can think of something interesting to do with it. It’s never going to be a fully-fledged music program like NTRQ/Pulsar/PR8 as the processing involved in doing the frequency modulation is just too much to do any complex editing etc.

via NoisES Demo.

Chipmusic • NES • software

Tilificator for the NES appeared

Tilificator is a sprite conversion tool I wrote to try to solve an annoying problem I’ve always had with sprite graphics for the NES: How to create CHR and sprite data that re-uses CHR patterns and tries to minimize the sprites per scanline, without lots of repetitive effort.

To do this for you, it uses some clever heuristics, and a lot of brute-force, trading artist time for computer time. It’s a work in progress, and will still produce bad results for some seemingly obvious cases. But it’ll probably do the job better for big amounts of sprite data unless you’re dedicated to hand-optimizing your sprites. :) Tilificator – Project Web Hosting – Open Source Software.