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Dual Crew Shining – 3D64 (2010)

In this week’s demo column, I am stoked to present this production. Super legendary group Dual Crew Shining makes a comeback to the demoscene and in the Commodore 64 no less, with this demo/experiment which can only be described as “mindblowing”. It’s just… fucking incredible. Certainly Edge of Disgrace has been displaced and the bar for C64 technical achievement has been raised a lot. Did I mention it’s real time 3D polygons with  8 bit samples (using a routine based off  THCM’s mindblowing sample playing routine)?? You really need to see it in real hardware though to apreciate it. This is a WinVice emulated output.

This is a great warm-up release for this weekend’s Breakpoint Party in Germany (which you should check out on the stream!)


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