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Feryl – “The Last of Autumn”

Feryl’s “The Last of Autumn” is a pleasant chiptune album themed around the four seasons of the year. Using simple emulated notes and relying on lighthearted melodies, Feryl creates a nicely unique atmosphere that is often missed in the modern chiptune scene.

If you’ve grown too accustomed to the harsh and noisy style that is all-too-common these days in the chip music scene, “The Last of Autumn” offers a gentle reprieve with its short, pleasant tunes and conceptual theme.

PLEASE NOTE: A few tracks sound noticeably distorted at certain points, but this is just a result of BandCamp’s online streaming quality and is NOT indicative of the actual downloaded music. I have personally tested the downloaded versions of the tracks and can assure you that the quality is much better than what you’ll hear on this page.

Special thanks to Natty Greene for his support and advice during production.

Stream/download it here.

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