C64 • The Weekly Demo

Inversion – Crushed (2010)

Seems like the sceners are a bit slow posting the Assembly demos on YouTube for the oldschool competition, so this won’t be as easy as I thought, but patience will pay off.

I start an almost month-long tour schedule this Friday, so I Won’t be around TCTD until past mid-September. Therefore I will post a bunch of stuff in the following 3 ays so you don’t miss me :P
I will try to post some stuff from Mexico and Japan too, kind of keep a travel log if I find something interesting for the website.
Anyway, this was the highest-ranked  C64 demo at Assembly, it has some really cool moments, it’s not fantastic, bu it keeps it fresh, and one of the pictures (the one with a girl and a jellyfish) has been created in a procedural way which is pretty fantastic.

Enjoy this demo:

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