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Cubase64 by Mahoney

Mahoney, who last time made an MP3 player for a STOCK C64, has now pushed the barriers of C64 sound to levels beyond imagination.

This crazy dude has managed to squeeze REAL  TIME AUDIO effects out of the stock, 1 MHz Commodore 64.
It does filter/EQ, echo, tube distortion, ‘Grungelizer’, compression, dithering, VOCODING and TIME STRETCH. Really ridiculous.

You can download the demo from CSDb and we’re waiting for YouTube recordings of real machines to show you, if they don’t show up tomorrow I’ll make one from my SX-64 (though I wonder if this works on NTSC. We’ll try).

Emulator’s not gonna be good on this one, maybe except HOXS64

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  • why wouldn’t vice work? Vice has groepaz and such sceners working on it now, and having been at X and having vice and the real thing, I’m not really seeing a …

    OH, you mean the NON-LATEST vice. Right, get the LATEST vice. yes, we non-Windows people can just compile it from svn, I think there’s a copy of an earlier binary on csdb, but not the latest one.

    Still the earlier one does improve a lot and has a better re-sid engine. The new VICE will work, but yes, if you aren’t going to look at too much c64 stuff beyond this, just get hoxs if you’re on windows. Otherwise, you know, we Amiga and osX and Linux people have vice, latest version (and real hardware (: ) – if you don’t see a bunch of sid types in it (with labels like ‘darker’ or ‘light’) you’ve got too early a version.

    Still. This _RULED_ live at the compo. Then again, so did the sid compo.

  • Im confused, is this realtime audio processing, or do you need to start with rendered digital audio?

    • boomlinde

      Nah, I don’t think so. Some effects rely heavily on Fourier transform which is already done in the compression stage on a modern computer (and takes 20 minutes!), and judging by the raster time used already, there isn’t enough room to do any FFT :)

      Some of the time domain effects should work on real time audio though, like the tube saturation and echo.

  • I’m pretty sure there’s no confusion with the words “This crazy dude has managed to squeeze REAL TIME AUDIO effects out of the stock, 1 MHz Commodore 64.”