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Beepola updated to 1.06

Beepola, a Windows cross-tracker with multiple 1-bit sound engines from ZX Spectrum, has been updated to v1.06. This time there are just few fixes, however some more sound functionality was added too.

Download Beepola v1.06 (825K) 


– Fixed compatibility with WINE (caused by differences between the way WINE handles waveOut API compared to Windows). This was inadvertently broken in versions 1.03.00 – v1.05.03.
– Improved sound reproduction and timing.
– Added ROMBeep engine as a compile-time only option (see the Beeper Engine dropdown list in the Compile dialog). This is a compact, pseudo 2 channel engine using arpeggios and the BEEP routine from the Spectrum ROM. It will therefore work correctly on 16K Spectrums or in low, contended, memory on other models.

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