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klystrack 1.5 Released

klystrack has updated to version 1.5 which has a big bunch of new stuff.

What’s immediately visible is that it no longer looks like crap thanks to gfx from ilkke (who also provided some example material). What’s audible is that klystrack now also does samples (MOD import works pretty well). The user interface has been updated so basic stuff like the right mouse button menu will not be missed. There’s also a basic and very experimental support for MIDI.

Documentation is not fully updated so keep exploring for new stuff.

New in 1.5:

  • Improved editing
    • Undo/redo for most actions
    • The “compact” pattern display mode can be configured to display exactly the needed pattern columns
    • There’s now an edit mode similar to most classic trackers (you can jam in the pattern editor without changing pattern data)
  • New audio driver features
    • Wavetable for sampled drums etc.
    • Bitcrush effect has now optional sample rate downsampling
    • Extra parameter column for volume (like in FT2)
    • New commands such as setting filter resonance and restarting the instrument program from pattern data
  • Improved GUI
    • A lot of general laziness has been fixed, e.g. own menu items for opening a sample even in the pattern editor, keyboard control in all editors
    • Editors can be switched with buttons located bottom-right
    • The menu is less obscure with a new added menu button top-left
    • New default theme (no more eyesore)
    • Themes can now use PNG images instead of BMP
    • Program icon
  • Fun stuff
    • VU meters and a fake spectrum analyzer (think Protracker)
    • AHX/Protracker/C64 etc. retro themes
  • Experimental stuff
    • MIDI sync (not tested very well) and MIDI keyboard support (great for instrument editing)

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