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NESK-1 appeared

The NESK-1 will turn your Nintendo (NES) into a playable 8bit synthesizer. It was named in honor of my favorite keyboard, the Casio SK-1.

Controller 1:
8 note scale when in Synth mode.
Default scale is C major (do ray mi fa so la ti do)
*Root Note, Scale and other settings are adjustable.

4 drum samples when in Drums mode:
Bass Drum, Snare, Clap, and Tom

Controller 2
4 Octaves and 4 Duty settings

Controller 3
Noise Channel, 2 Noise Banks

Controller 4
Synth Tone Bank:
Square, Triangle, Square + Triangle,
Arpeggio, 2 Sweeps, and 2 Chords.

*Arp, Sweeps, and Chords are adjustable.


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