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karin8580 appeared

My Dreamproject in a perfect housing (ready after years of dreaming):
8580 SID-Player in a Pioneer DT 555 case.
Driven by a AT91SAM7S256 @ 48MHz.
64KB RAM / 52KB for PSID-Files.
256MB SD-Card for 35000+ PSID-Files. Accessed by RAW-Sectors.
Display 2×16 HD44780.
Trust 2.1 Soundsystem.
Panel connected: Power On/Off, next Menupoint, enter, AT91SAM7S256 reset.

It was a very hard way to the end-result. Thanks to everyone who supported me. Special thanks go to MyWife (for not killing me), MyKids (for loving SID-Tunes), Frank Buss, Stephan W., Atmel Support, Commodore, Thomas Pototschnig, Andreas Schwarz, Benedikt K., A. K., JojoS, Marcus Harnisch, www.mikrocontroller.net
via YouTube – karin8580.wmv.

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