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Pornotracker Version 1.4 released

Pronotracker, the alternative NES tracker for pervy pulsers has been updated.


– MUSE (6502 playback library for games and demos)
– Linear frequency handling (note slide speed and vibrato is not dependent on the note frequency anymore)
– Glissando
– Max. channel volume was changed from 15 to 63
– Modifier keys don’t hang when using Alt+Tab to switch windows (SDL fix)
– Support for display drivers that don’t support non-power-of-two textures
– Fix to copy/pasting from the triangle channel
– Fixed (bad!) bugs in autodelay
– Volume envelope ending in 0 with loop is now considered a note off
– Fixed note slides/etc in the example songs
– Various other bugfixes

Pornotracker | Kalle’s Kanister (FOS).

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