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CR-777 Chip drum machine

CR-777 is a new Drum Machine VSTi for Windows developed by jme-audio. It creates chip rythm patterns.

Its licensed Freeware.

Download at:

6 comments to CR-777 Chip drum machine

  • Oh sick! This is gonna be useful now that I’m using more vst’s and such!

  • kid versus chemical

    Looks cool, but for some reason triggers a malware warning in my antivirus which prevents me from downloading it. Problably BS, but still makes you slightly concerned.

  • What av soft do you use?

  • kid versus chemical

    It’s Norton. It came bundled with my new computer (HP touchsmart 310). I’ve heard of false hits on music related softs and plugs before. But I’ve downloaded a ton of free VST’s since I got the machine (an advantage to be being back on Windows), this is the first time I got a red flag.

  • yea norton is usually pretty good.. thanks for reporting!

  • CaptainBass

    I can’t get it to work in FLStudio 10, tells me there are 2 files missing. Anyone else have this problem and have a solution?