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c-jeff-electricPause continues to release high quality chipmusic. “Electric” by C-Jeff mixes chip sounds (mainly NES and C64 sounding) with guitars in a very impressive way, creating very powerful and emotional music in melodic prog rock style.

Pause writes:

The plot of Electric is the life of one man – from his naïve childhood, through happiness and darkness to the final light of heaven. This album is dedicated to memory of my father, Oleg Zhemkov, the great rock-musician whom I lost in spring of 2008. I miss you.

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TCTD Podcast #006 - Russian ZX Spectrum Scene

I asked my friend C-Jeff to select a playlist representing the Russian ZX Spectrum scene, since I myself know very little about it. He gladly accepted, and sent me a zip of 27 tracks by 13 of the most important and noteworthy Russian Speccy composers, about two weeks later. I’ve enjoyed doing this episode very much, since I’ve discovered a lot of awesome music and have gotten a new insight in one part of the chipmusic scene I know very little about.

Since TCTD Podcast have had a break for more than a month, this is a kind of “double episode” trying to cover for it (it’s almost 70 minutes long). Enjoy!

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Download mp3: TCTD Podcast 006

1. Davos – Cyberspace 4
2. Davos – Battletech, Way of the Clans
3. Andy Fer – Twister’s Dance Machine
4. Andy Fer – Don’t Stop That Dream
5. nq – Hidden Threat in Squeak
6. nq – I’m Scorn Oneself
7. Key-Jee – In A Game Style
8. Key-Jee – Minimal Space
9. Megus – Tryptomine Dream Soundtrack
10. Megus – Just A Tune
11. C-Jeff – Island Reflections
12. C-Jeff – Konami, Part 2
13. Riskej – Der Kleinen Jazz, Das Tote Metal
14. Riskej – Last Drop of Dew
15. Siril – Da Smiling Mouse Is On Your Head
16. Siril – Oxygen
17. Fatal Snipe – Fucking Life
18. Fatal Snipe – 4 Adventurer 13
19. Ironman – Trema
20. Ironman – Nu Loops
21. D-Juice – Internal Ocean
22. D-Juice – Club of Shadow
23. D-Juice – Syringez
24. MmcM – Dip Mistake
25. MmcM – Look in My Eyes
26. Imp – Extacy Megademo Pt. 10
27. Imp – Vibrations Theme 3

All (I think) tunes in this episode can be found in original format (mostly .pt2 and .pt3) at