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TCTD Podcast delayed one week

Some might have noticed that that episode five of the TCTD Podcast was not released yesterday, as it should have. I apologize for breaking the schedule, but unexpected illness and hospital visits made it impossible to finish the episode in time.

The next episode will be released next Friday instead, and then go back to a regular update every other week.

Thank you for understanding!
Random – Podcast Editor

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TCTD Podcast #004 – Nagz and friends

David “Nagz” Halmi from Budapest, Hungary was active in the demoscene roughly between 1998 and 2006, releasing music with groups and netlabels such as Anal0gik, Tequila, Language Lab, Monotonik etc. He has very unique and distinct musical style, which is a mixture of jazz, idm, ambient, oldskool chiptune and what have you. This episode focuses on his more chiptune orientated tracks, and features several collaboration tracks he has made together with artists through the years.

Nagz current projects can be found here:

Click and listen online!


Download mp3: TCTD Podcast #004


1. Nagz – Daughter of Time
2. Nagz – Flubber’s Trip
3. JosSs & Nagz – Out from here
4. Nagz – Worms in Sineland
5. Nagz – Eastern nature (Used as BGM)
6. Zinger & Nagz – Dr Froleks’ Files
7. JosSs & Nagz – Marketplace Sunset
8. Zalza & Andryk & Nagz – Ordinary Foreign Rabbit Has A Headache
9. Zabutom & Nagz – Cloudcones
10. Nagz – x y z a w oo
11. Drax & Nagz – Rocky North
12. Nagz – Chinqua

All tracks in this episode can be downloaded in original .XM format at

From now on the TCTD Podcast will be updated every other friday. See you in two weeks!

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TCTD Podcast #003 – Reed & Tempest

Reed and Tempest are two of the funkiest chipmusicians around. This week’s episode is dedicated to their music. Finnish, funky Amiga and C64 music at its very best!

Click and listen online!


Download mp3: TCTD Podcast 003


Reed – Jazzberry Juice.mod
Tempest – Mr. Solid.mod
Reed – Urethra Franklin.mod
Reed & Tempest – Hot Buttered.mod
Reed – Boogie Factor Pt.2.sid
Tempest – Acidjazzed Evening.mod
Reed – Saymold, Saymold.sid
Reed – Urea Geller.mod
Tempest – Free Fjortis Facials.mod
Tempest – Zen-bowling.mod

All songs can be found in original .MOD or .SID format at either Modland (.MOD and .SID), AMP or HVSC (SID).

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SNDH archive v3.0 released

The SNDH archive is the biggest archive dedicated to Atari ST (YM2149) music. A few days ago the archive was updated to v3.0:

To celebrate the biggest Atari party of the year (Outline in case you wonder), we have released a new update of the SNDH archive.

v3.0 of the SNDH archive brings 35 new or updated SNDH files. It’s a mix of brand new (even from the Outline compo!) and really old game tunes.


Recommended players are Jam for Windows users and XSC for OSX users.


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sasakure.UK – Hello Planet

More Japanese Vocaloid chiptune pop!

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

Lyrics and mp3 (scroll down) can be found on sasakure.UK’s website.