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PB009| thesuperfruitsmoothies- Guavas, Mangoes & Goji Berries

Songs about fruit and lasers.Pxl-Bot and all the artists involved are very happy to be bringing out a choice offering of condensed fruity goodness.

A collaboration drawing from the creative juices of Andrew Kilpatrick, Cookeh (James Cook) and Chipset (Oliver Williams) Pxl-Bot’s ninth release brings you a collection of ideas and sounds drawn from more influences then songs there are on the release. Traversing grimey rave, full throttle drum driven noise, polyrhythmic spits and plodding space driven melodically-minded trance, all delivered with the medium of chip, this release breathes a scope and vast range from the off. Written over seven months, the collaborative’s first offering brings promise of greater and even more diverse things, with the starting template of fruits with lasers locked firmly in place.


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PB007| Artisan- K.THX.BYE!

One of the two owners of this here establishment, Alex kelly, or Artisan as his internet persona requires, brings another disgustingly good release to the Pxl-Bot roster in the form of “K.THX.BYE!”.

Dirty to the rotten core, this EP boasts grime-fuelled industrially rife chiptunes, full of twists, turns, layers and dank, dreary atmosphere. From the opening 30 second noise pollution, the grime rarely lets up, only removing its suffocating coverage briefly during “With All My Heart” before full recovering it’s fangs for the EP Closer. This debut leaves nothing to the imagination; Artisan could very well be the king of Industrial Chip, with all the twists and horror of a manic depressive locked firmly in his use of drum samples.


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8-BIT Daft Punk by Dj CUTMAn

Something About Us [8-Bit Daft Punk Remix] by Dj CUTMAN

8X Magical 8BIT in Ableton live. My take on a Electronic classic. Love Daft Punk, when I found this track wasn’t on DaChip I had to do it. Learned a lot from this one, hope it shows.

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Chasing Girls And Making Friends

Simply produced in a rush, this album brings 8 tracks between chip, techno and electro.


1. Detuned Lullaby

2. Or Are You Angry Again?
3. We Like To Bounce It (feat. FoX)
4. Lousy
5. Alter Ego
6. Mustard In The Brain

7. BaLoByVe

8. Lisa At The Stereo (feat. Sandy Cheeks)

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Darry Booper / KDS10 Paranoid / Me myself and I DIY


i’m french ! i released this electro chip tune album on my nintendo ds.
My style is a mix of Psychedelic ultra acid chiptune under heavy drugs !
Enjoy :)

If u want to contact me, ->

See ya

Darry Booper