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retro fitted super gameboy CPU demo

the two gameboys on the left have been retro fitted with super gameboy CPUs. i took the original CPUs out and soldered in the new ones. the original idea was so that the gameboy can boot the snes, which is does but the bonus feature is a quick and silent boot.notice how the two gameboys on the left have booted the cart before the gameboys on the right have finished scrolling the nintendo logo.this gives an advantage when using the gameboys to play music live as you can switch carts without having to turn down the sound to hide the boot noise, and the cartridge is almost instantly loaded in the case of LSDJ it is loaded instantly

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You still have to probably turn the mixer pot down to avoid the power PUMP when you power cycle the Game Boy. DMG line conditioner mod? Soft reset switch?

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Atari 2600 Hardware News U Can Use

Theta Frost posted:

Well this surprised me!  The Longhorn Engineer has plans to sell PCB’s and kits I believe of a new 2600 motherboard!  We still get the original TIA and its lovely sounds, with built in video mods (S-Video), controls and a nice screen.  This will also alleviate the problems with faulty capacitors and such that have driven me crazy!  My only worry is the quality of it’s audio amp…  I’m certainly excited to use this with music though!  (it probably won’t be compatible with Synthcart however because of it’s limited controls)

Also the freaking Harmony Cart is out!!!  This one totally surprised me!  Basically it’s a nice 2600 flash cartridge with a built in SD card slot that supports SD and SDHC and USB built in.  It support just about all of the 2600 library.  I’m fairly certain it covers ALL titles regardless of their specific cartridge designs and such.  The real kicker, it’s only a whopping $60!  Awesome!

So these are two great developments for Atari 2600 music!  big_smile

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Awesome Midi gameboy mod

this is my midi enabled gameboy which i built. it uses a very high contrast gameboy pocket screen in it which has been adapted to fit, the screen has also been bi inverted thanks to bibbin and nitro’s hex inverter idea. It has a white backlight from Nonfinite, and used to be a clear gameboy with the inside painted white.

i have also removed the text from the front of the gameboy to make it look cleaner and added purple snes buttons to match the purple LEDs in the middle.

the middle has a metal bezel which has a small window inside the gameboy to show a pixel heart made out of 16 UV LEDs.
the pixel heart is divided into 4 and shows the 5 modes of the Arduinoboy, blank for LSDJ master, to all on for midi.

the mode switch is above the headphone socket which has been pro sounded.

the arduino code has been edited from the original code written by Trash80, i changed how the lights light, so that the heart looked right, as well as “pulsing” in time to the music. i also modified pin 11 to work the speaker so that you get some beeps on mode change and start up.

the midi socket is on the side which was a pain in the ass to fit, it involved cutting the mother board of the gameboy.

and lastly the usb port is on the bottom for updating the arduino.

the two gameboy carts are USB carts that i have modified to look awesome, the blue one has LSDJ on it and the white one has MGB.

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