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nanoloop USB-MIDI-adaptor

This adaptor connects a Game Boy link cable with a PC’s USB port. It appears as a MIDI port on the PC and offers the following functionality:

– Load updates for nanoloop 2.x and nanoloop one.
– Load additional 32k ROMs, such as mGB, on nanoloop one.
– Backup / restore songs from / to nanoloop 2.5 and nanoloop 1.6.
– Sync any nanoloop version to MIDI-enabled programs on the PC.
– Play the Game Boy via MIDI from the PC using mGB.
– MIDI signals from the Game Boy are forwarded to the PC.

via nanoloop USB-MIDI-adaptor.

Chipmusic • Game Boy Classic • software

nanoloop one (1.6) appeared

Nanoloop one is a sequencer / synthesizer cart for the original Game Boy models.

– Additional “gate” mode for envelope: Short notes with flat envelope.
– Fixed-frequency FM with amplitude modulated by pitch LFO.
– Free-running LFO: The LFO is not reset on each note.
– Tempo range from 30 to 1920 BPM.
– Used pattern file slots are marked, patterns can be deleted.
– Backup and update via USB.

– No fifth voice.
– Only eight banks.

via nanoloop one.