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Game Boy Classic • Releases

Chalkboards -isn’t it wonderful that we are together again?


Chipmusic • Game Boy Classic • Releases

Da Pantz – “Uptown, Baby!”

Now if it wasn’t for the Bronx/ This rap shit probably never would be goin’ on/ So tell me where you from?/ Uptown Baby, Uptown Baby/ We gets down baby/ Up for the crown baby – Lord Taiq & Peter Gunz, “Deja Vú (Uptown Baby)”

On April 4th, 2009, I wrote the first song on this record; a post-it note featuring a crudely drawn arpeggiator became “Here Come the Pretzels!”, a reference to watching The Simpsons with my family that inspired me to explore the autobiographical nature of home.

A tribute to project housing and salsa music became “Elevators”. I synthesized the increasing acceleration of my cousin’s Chevy Tahoe into the EP’s title track. Most telling, however, is the album’s central effort, a celebration of friendship named after one of many physical connections to my peers throughout Brooklyn: “Triborough Bridge”. Indeed, while at first glance this seems to be yet another salute to the Bronx, a closer look reveals what’s really being said underneath the raucous shouts of “BX ALL DAY”: that it’s time to fucking party with my friends. Let’s GO!


Chipmusic • Game Boy Classic • software

LSDJ updates and MIDI out with Arduinoboy


Johan has provided a nice new treat, and released the experimental build of LSDJ with midi out designed by Trash80.


There are 3 new modes:
– LIVEMAP – Lsdj will use its own clock, but a incoming midi note will
cue midi note # to song row # in live mode.

– SYNCMAP – Lsdj will sync to incoming MIDI sync, and notes
immediately change the song row #.

– MIDIOUT – LSDJ to MIDIOUT. Each of the 4 gameboy channels send MIDI
data on 4 midi channels by the use of effects commands:
– N – Sends a MIDI Note – Absolute to the value placed in the
effect. N00 sends note off, N01-N6F send notes 1 to 112.
– Q – Sends a MIDI Note relative to the current channel’s pitch. The
effect value is a offset. so Q0C in PU1 would send a note 1 octave
higher than what Pu1 is currently playing. This is useful as a table
command to track midi notes as normal notes in the sequencer.
– X – Sends a MIDI CC – By default in Arduinoboy the high nibble
selects a CC#, and the low nibble sends a value [0-F] to [0-127]. This
can be changed to allow just 1 midi CC with a range of 00-6F, or 7 CCs
with scaled or unscaled values.
– Y – Sends a program/patch/preset change.

There is also a new official version with the following fixes:

011-04-03: v4.0.9

* bugfix: repaired PC keyboard sync, has been broken since v3.9.a.
sorry :( big thanks to Hannes Kraettli for report & help.
* bugfix: copy instrument names when cloning. thx to Didrik.

2011-04-03: v4.1.0

* bugfix: repair PC keyboard sync for real. thx to Hannes Kraettli.

I have been using the midi out hacks for a few months now and it is pretty stable, and extremely useful, so check it out!

via lsdj

Chipmusic • Game Boy Classic • Releases

Analog – Cruzando El Cielo (CP-033)

Chippanze records, South America’s one and only low-bit netlabel based in São Paulo, Brazil, hits 33 releases with Chile’s Analog and his new EP, “Cruzando el Cielo”.

Official blurb:

Certain situations or processes in every day life can be represented as a journey through a barrier that is inside our minds. The sky, in Earth’s gravid moments, has represented an explicit impossibility of surpassing it by our own means. To this effect, we are used to build an axis in which we live – and as if we saw it through a beam of light -, we are capable of overcome difficulties and subvert what’s unattainable. From our memories of a carefree childhood, in communion with the people we love or maybe the desire of grabbing what cannot be gotten a hold of, comes the desire to make this little record”

Get ready for some melodic sugar-ness made with Game Boy and latin powa :P

Download the album here


Chipmusic • Game Boy Classic • Releases

Falling For A Square / Shhh, Architecture.


1.Together Again 03:24
2.The Commuter 03:09
3.Informal Component 03:33
4.Busy Buildings 03:42
5.Progress 02:18
6.Carousel 03:24

“Shhh, Architecture” by Falling For A Square.

All of the songs were written using Nanoloop 2.01 on a gameboy micro, an electric guitar, Glocken Jr,Moogie, and a little Casio SK-1.

It’s very soft, comfy, and quietly under-produced.

When I first started composing songs for the record I knew right away what I wanted to album to be called. The instrument editor and multichannel view of nanoloop 2.01 is so minimal and endearing, it felt like my compositions were like tiny musical constructions, and each song held something or someone different.

Thus, “Shhh, Architecture” was born. It was written mainly on commutes to city and quiet nights at home.

More information on Falling For A Square can be found here: