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FamiTracker 0.3.7 released

Version 0.3.7 is ready.
– Added MML string copy/paste to VRC7 instrument editor
– Added VRC7 built-in patch display
– Added MML string copy/paste to FDS waveform editor
– Added pattern font size selector
– Added single instance option
– Added play option to FTM file type in file explorer
– Added context sensitive help (F1)
– Added Ctrl+select to do whole channel selections
– New effects:
* H = FDS modulation depth
* I = FDS modulation speed, high part
* J = FDS modulation speed, low part
– Shortcuts with removed keys are saved
– Fixed a crash bug when frame preview is disabled
– Fixed a sequence editor crash bug
– Fixed another VRC6 release sequence bug
– Fixed the PAL flag bug when loading PAL FTMs
– Fixed a pitch effect (Pxx) bug in exported NSFs
– Fixed a portamento effect (3xx) bug on noise channel in exported NSFs
– Fixed MIDI sync clock receiver
– Fixed a square channels emulation bug
– Fixed a song editor bug
– Fixed a problem when saving VRC6 instrument files
– Fixed a small vibrato export bug

via FamiTracker.

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BEATBOX | NES Drum Loop Cartridge

BEATBOX will allow you to play beats live and record loops on the NES.

Features include:
– 4 Recordable Drum Loops
– 2 Recordable Drum Fills
– 4 Sample Frequencies
– 2 Drum Kits available: Rock & Latin
– TV or Monitor is not required.
– Each Loop or Fill can contain up to 99 key presses.
– Works with original Nintendo controllers and hardware.

Controller 1 is the drum kit.
– Each of the 8 buttons will trigger a different sample.

Controller 2 is the loop controls.
– The 4 direction buttons correspond to the 4 Drum Loops
– A & B buttons correspond to the 2 Fills.
– Start button turns on Recording Mode
– Select Button turns on Live Mode

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I made a bunch of generic n.e.s music and wanted to share it with the community *smile*
Not much to say about it. just a bunch of ohcs from #botb.
A response to wizwars AntiChipmusik

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Party Time! Hexcellent! – Dot Matrix Prints

MOONLIGHT PARTY (top left), signed and numbered in a series of 25. Design from the visual program FOODCRT.

CORRUPTED SKATEBOARDS (bottom left), signed and numbered in a series of 25. Design from the visual program FOODCRT.

GLITCH OWL (right), signed and numbered in a series of 50. Design from the visual program CHRlie.

It took quite a bit of troubleshooting and printer cartridges to get these looking their best, but I’m very happy with the results. Yaaaay! Will be bringing some of these guys to Blip if anyone is interested.

via Party Time! Hexcellent!.

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NES Micro Documentary

Matt McNeely micro-documentary about the NES with music by _node
Unlimited Continues