Breakpoint 2010 – Like there’s no tomorrow

The (sadly) last edition of Breakpoint, one of demoscene’s more reknowned demoparties, is happening now in Bingen am Rheim, Germany.

If you didn’t get to travel or can’t visit, you can follow the action on the stream.

I just spotted Syphus in there xD

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Breakpoint 2010 announced as

Time to plan and hurry up if you want to attend the Breakpoint demoparty: The 2010 edition will be the last one. Ever. They’re serious.

Heralded as THE biggest 100% demoscene (no fucking gaming allowed) party, Breakpoint is expecting to leave the gauntlet to a new team that might want to follow, in the same way they took over the gap left by Mekka & Symposium.

The reasons? “We’re getting old”, they said, but they do reflect on the current state of the demoscene, a sad lack of interest from young blood regarding demoscene matters. It’s a shame.

I promised I will post more demoscene material in 2010 so it is sad  for me to be making this the very first demoscene-related post of 2010 for TCTD. I hope better news come as the year progresses.

You can continue reading on Breakpoint’s official website.