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Breakpoint 2009 about to start!


demoparty in the making!

demoparty in the making!

In little more than 12 hours everyone’s favourite -PURE DEMOSCENE- (no gaming fuckers) party is about to commence.


After a bad start generated by the global crisis, sceners worldwide have helped the party to be a reality and it might be, as they say, its finest hour! Corporate twats, take notice!

We’ll be looking forward to the oldschool competitions: usually the best Amiga demo of the year is released at Breakpoint (probably by TBL), so it’s going to be a busy weekend.

Those lucky party-goers attending the venue are in for a good weather treat: the forecast looks promising, so you will have the chance to spend good time outside of the place and your screens. Remember, this party doesn’t accept remote entries, so if you want to be part of the competitions, your only choice is to go to the party!

For us who can’t go, it seems this year, despite the economic problems, we’ll get the stream again. Yipee!

Schedule, Compo rules and more? Head over to the official site of Breakpoint 2009.

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