Deflemask 6 released – Support for PC-Engine/Turbografx 16 added!

My friend Delek has released a new version of Deflemask which adds support for PC-Engine/Turbografx 16, a machine for which we not had any easy way of making music for before.

Change log:

01: Soundchip Added: Hudson Soft HuC6280.
02: System Added: NEC PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16.
03: Effect Added for PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16: 10xx – Set Wave.
04: Effect Added for PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16: 11xx – Enable Noise Channel.
05: Effect Added for PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16: 12xx – LFO Mode.
06: Effect Added for PC-Engine/TurboGrafx-16: 13xx – LFO Speed.
07: Added the feature to copy notes and volume values from patterns and paste them on Macros (with different positions too).
08: Added a value list down any Macro, so you can edit the envelopes by entering numbers.
09: Added a Selected WAVE memory, so you can test different instruments macros with different waves without losing the previous selection.
10: Now to clear the Loop arrow in a Macro you have to simply done a right click in the Loop bar.
11: Added the latest vgm_play Winamp plugin in order to play PC-Engine and Game Boy VGM files (however, the in_vgm plugin for Winamp included with DefleMask will not process the LFO of the PC-Engine, the MAME’s core is not complete).
12: Bugs fixed.
13: Manual Updated.

You can download it from the official website.

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CulturaChip MicroCompo Master System

Another defying and exciting compo comes from the worlwide alliance for retro-arts supporting in spanish/portuguese speaking countries, mostly known as CulturaChip. This time, Sega Master System sound chip, the SN79489, is the target of all aims.

With the help of Delek’s emerging multisystem tracker (other plattaforms were of course allowed), Deflemask*, 4 chippers among CulturaChip held a fight against the limitations of this chip to get the hack right on the spot.

Conceived by Sergeeo, organized by Rolemusic, and aknowlegded in the community forum, this compo started few weeks ago, with a deadline for track submitting from February 22th to the 29th of the same month. After the sonic harvesting, a voting were open to all the members of the forum from March 1st to March 3rd. Now the final score is out and the voting results are:


1)Death on the battlefield…..rolemusic…….58
2)Happy ending……………..sergeeo/yzyx*…56
CC CompoSN79489*
3)Lonely Robot……………..Pak-Zer0……..49


1)Happy ending……………..sergeeo………27
2)CC CompoSN79489…………..yzyx…………24
3)Death on the battlefield…..rolemusic…….23
3)Lonely Robot……………..Pak-Zer0……..21

A nice html album cover can be found on the new section on CC’s web mesh in :

Download link
* Deflemask website:

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Deflemask Plays the DMG

Delek – BeachBoy @DefleMask Tracker – Game Boy!!! – YouTube.

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DefleMask 3.5 Released!

The 3.5 version is released, this is the major change since DefleMask was released. DefleMask has passed from supporting only a Mobile FM soundchips to support 3 Systems at the same time. The good thing about this is that DefleMask was re-coded to manage a “plugin-system-like” soundchip addon. So the plan is to add more soundchips support and new systems.

So far, DefleMask supports this soundchips:

  • YAMAHA YMU759 FM Soundchip
  • YAMAHA YM2612 FM Soundchip
  • Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG Soundchip

And with this soundchips, DefleMask is capable to make music (on VGM and MMF format) for the next systems:

  • SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive
  • SEGA Master System


  • 01: Add multi-system support.
  • 02: Add YAMAHA YM2612 support.
  • 03: Add Texas Instruments SN76489 support.
  • 04: Add SEGA Genesis support.
  • 05: Add SEGA Master System support.
  • 06: Add a keyboard shortcut for Interpolate values.
  • 07: Add retrigger command.
  • 08: Add Instrument List and Instrument Column.
  • 09: Add effect for controlling SN76489 Noise Mode.
  • 10: Add VGI and Y12 importer on YM2612 Instrument Editor.
  • 11: Make max_fps value selectable under config.ini.
  • 12: Change the presets format for a better one.
  • 13: On YMU759 mode: Add note preview features when a MMF is playing.
  • 14: Add new texture for skins: volume bar.
  • 15: Re write the Main Manual and create a Manual for any system supported.
  • 16: Add Buffer Size selector.
  • 17: Add a realtime WAV exporter.

via > DefleMask 3.5 Released!.

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Deflemask Tracker adds Genesis support

It was about time we get an alternative for Megadrive/Genesis musicmaking :D

New kid on the block Delek has been, for some time now, working on adding YM2612 and SN76489 PSG support to his tracker Deflemask, which before supported only the Y759 FM chip (found in many cellphones). The efforts of this young chipmusic enthusiast are coming to fruition very soon.

This is a cool new alternative for Sega Genesis tracking, since Delek is a very dedicated kid who is listening a lot to people input about his tracker,something all of us interested in Sega Genesis music making will appreciate I bet. Work is also being done about “exporting to real hardware” aspects of this whole deal, usually the hardest part.

You can be happy about something else too: your feature suggestions and bug reports will not be greeted anymore with a disgruntled answer ;)

Release will be online soon, so I tease you with a screenshot only for now.
Here’s a video of Deflemask in action though, in its previous version (Y759 soundchip)

Keep up to date with Deflemask news through this link!