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DefleMask 3.5 Released!

The 3.5 version is released, this is the major change since DefleMask was released. DefleMask has passed from supporting only a Mobile FM soundchips to support 3 Systems at the same time. The good thing about this is that DefleMask was re-coded to manage a “plugin-system-like” soundchip addon. So the plan is to add more soundchips support and new systems.

So far, DefleMask supports this soundchips:

  • YAMAHA YMU759 FM Soundchip
  • YAMAHA YM2612 FM Soundchip
  • Texas Instruments SN76489 PSG Soundchip

And with this soundchips, DefleMask is capable to make music (on VGM and MMF format) for the next systems:

  • SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive
  • SEGA Master System


  • 01: Add multi-system support.
  • 02: Add YAMAHA YM2612 support.
  • 03: Add Texas Instruments SN76489 support.
  • 04: Add SEGA Genesis support.
  • 05: Add SEGA Master System support.
  • 06: Add a keyboard shortcut for Interpolate values.
  • 07: Add retrigger command.
  • 08: Add Instrument List and Instrument Column.
  • 09: Add effect for controlling SN76489 Noise Mode.
  • 10: Add VGI and Y12 importer on YM2612 Instrument Editor.
  • 11: Make max_fps value selectable under config.ini.
  • 12: Change the presets format for a better one.
  • 13: On YMU759 mode: Add note preview features when a MMF is playing.
  • 14: Add new texture for skins: volume bar.
  • 15: Re write the Main Manual and create a Manual for any system supported.
  • 16: Add Buffer Size selector.
  • 17: Add a realtime WAV exporter.

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