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Breakpoint 2010 oldschool roundup

Yeah, I skipped a week again. But that’s because there’s a ton of Breakpoint goodies to digest.

Today I offer you a selection of demos and graphics released on oldschool platforms at the last Breakpoint installment. Only my selections! If you wish to see the complete prod list and rankings, check out the Breakpoint website.

Now, after the jump, enjoy some still and motion graphics from the demoscene:

PWP – Dramatic Pixels (C-64)

Possibly my favourite demo of the party. A very conceptual piece described by viznut himself as “an experiment in dramatic storytelling using only three big pixels”. It surely succeeded, and only in 4KB

Nuance & Metalvotze – Lineart (Vectrex)

The first Vectrex demo I see.

TRSI – Going Lowres (VIC-20)

A nice VIC-20 demo y legendary C-64 crew TRSI, with music by the amazing Linus

Glance – Snapshot (c-64)

Very stylish demo from a new crew, very cool.

Ozone – Fetish 2 (Amiga AGA)

My favourite demo of the Amiga competition, mixing good effects and a solid concept throughout. Much better than others that ranked higher in my opinion.

Loonies – Ikadalawampu (Amiga AGA)

Impressive 4KB demonstration for Amiga, the music synthesis and synchronization with graphics is pretty incredible.

Carrion – Tough Guy at Breakpoint

My favourite in the competition. I really liked Carrion’s style in this one,  and only in Multicolour mode. Very good use of limitations on colour restrictions.

Nada – Foen Fan (C-64 graphics)

Technically it might not seem very complex, but something about this piece attracts my attention, I think it’s well done.

Veto – Don’t Mess Up With Mama

Veto keeps ruling the C64 Highres mode with his particular, pictorial style.

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