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DigiBooster Professional 3 (Amiga) in the works

FT2 look-a-like for the Amiga

FT2 look-a-like for the Amiga

DigiBooster Pro was a quite popular tracker for the Amiga in the 90s. Stuck at version 2 something, APC & TCP, a german publisher of Amiga software, is working to deliver an update to this powerful tracker. Currently on internal Alpha #17th, and with a planned demo release in 3-4 months, we had a sneak-peak at this interesting new software.

Looking like a FastTracker 2 sort-of-thing, the features list seems promising, juicy and, judging from the minimum requirementes, this will run in a stock A1200, which is cool. Want to try how the old version felt like? You can download the full version 1.7 and demo versions of the latest and previous releases at the Digibooster webpage.

This is the complete list of features planned so far:

Tracker features:

  • 128 channels
  • 256 samples
  • 1024 Patterns
  • 1024 Positions

These are limits for one song.

Loads the following music formats:

  • Digibooster 1.x (digi)
  • Protracker (mod)
  • Oktalyzer (okt)
  • Octamed (mmd0-mmd3)
  • OctamedSoundStudio (oss)
  • FastTracker (xm)
  • ScreamTracker (s3m)

It’s possible, besides the DBM format, to save in MOD and XM formats.

Loads the following sample formats:

  • IFF 8SVX (mono – 8 Bit)
  • IFF 16SV (mono – 16 Bit)
  • RIFF WAV (mono/stereo – 8/16 Bit)
  • AIFF (mono/stereo – 8/16 Bit)
  • MP3 (CBR) Import LayerI-III


  • (B)eats (P)er (M)inute Pitcher
  • DSP-Echo (Echo Delay, Feedback, Mix and Cross)
  • Volume envelopes
  • Balance envelopes
  • Roland TB-303 “GrooveBox” Emulation (not realtime)
  • HD-Recording of Samples (using HardDiskRecord on the AHI pac)
  • Optional High Quality 32 Bit Mixing with linear interpolation(real time)
  • Two simultaneous commands by step per track
  • Almost all keyboard shortcuts from Protracker
  • Up to 7 Octaves
  • CyberGraphX & Picasso96 graphic card compatibility
  • and, and, and…

Thanks to AHI, you can use a myriad of sound cards and sound modes.

System Requirements:

(Amiga – Minimal configurtion)

  • 68020 CPU
  • 2 MB RAM
  • Kickstart 2.0
  • ahi.device Version 4 (or newer)
  • asl.library
  • iffparse.library
  • reqtools.library

(Amiga – Recommended configuration)

  • 68060 CPU
  • 10 MB RAM or more for projects withe 16bit sampling
  • Kickstart 3.1
  • Grafic card
  • Sound card

(Pegasos – Configuration)

  • Gx CPU (68x emulation)
  • min. 2 MB RAM
  • MorphOs 1.4
  • ahi-device Version 4 (or newer)
  • asl.library
  • iffparse.library
  • reqtools.library

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